Sep 7, 2006

10 Reasons

The following is what I saw on one student's T-shirt in the class. It appears that those facts are not the whole truth nowadays and I don't agree with some of those. Anyway, it is still good to say that I am at Industrial Engineering. For 9, I don't get it. Hallucinations of Markov chains? What's that?

Purdue Pete's Top 10 Reasons To be an Industrial Engineering

10. Closest engineering building to the "Chocolate Shop"
9. Best computer lab on campus
8. Hallucinations of Markov chains
7. IE = CEO
6. Because 336 is soooooo easy!
5. Because we know about "Human Factor"
4. Consistantly top 3 in the nation
3. The ratio (Guys to Girls)
2. Two words... Dr. Barany
1. No matter what, it's still engineering

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