Feb 28, 2008

Print Selection on Firefox

While browsing websites, it always happen to our minds that we want to print out the website, not of the whole but partially. Not only save paper and ink, but extract the words we only want. If Mozilla Firefox is your browser, here is the idea.

Select what you want to print out on the website first. After pressing ⌘(command)-P or Print... from the menu, you choose Firefox from the list under Presets. Here, you will see a checkbox with "Print Selection Only". Check it and then print it.

This works for Firefox Mac version. I haven't checked the Windows version.

若是只想印列網頁的某一部分時,Mozilla Firefox 是可以做到的。用鼠標反白選擇想要的部分,在點選列印之後,在選單中選擇 Firefox,就可以看到 Print Selection Only 的選項。勾選之後,就可以只列印出反白的內容了。這是 Mac 版的操作方式,沒有試過 Windows 版上的,照理也是可以的。

Firefox version: for Mac.

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