Feb 17, 2006

Hail to Mike

The movie Fun with Dick and Jane is only a hilarious and entertaining comedy. In spite of the reality of unemployment and bankrupt and the consequence of robbery, the life seems to be more exciting than miserable. Behind the fun, it reflects somehow the modern day adult issues; however, the director doesn't reach it far enough.

Anyway, some thought came up in my mind at the end of the movie and I don't think it is what the story meant to be told. Instead of stealing all the money from the ex-CEO Mike, who sold the company and put the money in his pocket secretly, Dick spread all out to the ex-employees of this Enron-like company and gave the name to Mike.

Well, do people especially those ex-employees hate Mike or love Mike? Having revenge is easy; putting on the judgement is better; but turning an evil to an angle is distinguished. Think about Saul(Paul). When he became Paul, what a great person he was as our example.

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